Exhibition of Jump of the Manta Ray

The book on show at the Star Gallery in Lewes, Sussex, in March 2004.

The four collaborators at the private view (left to right): Martyn Ould (printer), Psiche Hughes (translator), Philip Hughes (artist), and Carmen Boullosa (poet). Over Carmen's shoulder is the image Rust.

Carmen, who had just flown over from New York for the event, read four passages in her original Spanish from the poem, and Philip Hughes's daughter Simona read the English translation.

Psiche Hughes and Carmen Boullosa beneath the White Cliffs of Dover.

Philip Hughes's images in Jump of the Manta Ray were derived from photographs taken in the sea and around the coastlines of the world, and a number were taken near here.

Carmen Boullosa and Martyn Ould at the private view before the crowds arrived!

Behind Carmen are some of the medium size prints of some of Philip Hughes's images from the book. To the right can be seen one of the large composites derived from some of the book's images. In the case between them is a copy of the book on display.

The images are copyright © Philip Hughes 2004.