This is a designer binding of Palladio's Homes by Jeff Clements for David Arrowsmith.

The binding.
Sewn on five cords. Bound in Nigerian grey, tan and dark green native dyed goatskin over sculptured boards, with lines tooled in light grey and black foil, and red and yellow onlays; cork doublures; mustard yellow Persian suede flyleaves lined with Fabriano ‘Roma’ paper. Double endbands hand sewn in dark grey, yellow and red silks. Text edges uncut. Signed in black type on inner back flyleaf:- JEFF CLEMENTS 2013.

Clam shell box with fall down back covered in crash canvas; the inside is lined with black felt; title printed on ‘Roma’ paper stuck on the spine.

Jeff Clements says:
Palladio’s homes were designed as living accommodation, yet retaining a classical character, and are set in beautiful rural surroundings. The design echoes this tranquillity using a static, rectilinear composition. The colours reflect the warmth of the Mediterranean, stone, and the formal gardens; the sculptured forms characterise the architecture, freely interpreted. Cork and suede continue this atmosphere into the text.
The binding, apparently simple, does contain much related to the title and in construction the process flowed slowly but with absolute certainty.

Copyright © Jeff Clements and David Arrowsmith 2017