The printing of The Bricks of Venice

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A page of type

Before he started casting the type, Harry emailed me a PDF which showed exactly how the text would look in metal, in particular where all the line turns would be. That meant that, without having a single piece of metal, I could make a paste-up of the entire book, showing what text was on each and every page. So when the buckets start arriving I begin by making up pages from the galleys of type. Here we can see the text for the first page of chapter 3, Crenellations. I have some large Bembo italic which I have added for the chapter number and title. Although the number and title are seen here at the top of the page, I shall in fact not print them to start with but instead do a second run and print them in a second colour - a nice idea that has the effect of doubling the amount of winding that has to be done!

For a close-up of the type for the chapter heading click on the thumb-nail to the left.

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