Printing at the University Press, Oxford, 1660-1780

Details of Volume II: 'Type'


The second volume is devoted entirely to the Press's third major resource: its type. Initially the Press was reliant on outside founders, then had its own foundry and the means to cut new faces, but by the 1730s had ceased making its own type and was buying from the then established English typefounders.

Volume II will have the following contents:

Before 1669: Collecting exotics
1668-1670: Latin types from England
1669-1672: The search for type on the Continent
1672-1675: The search for a type-founder
1676-1703: Type-founder & punch-cutter Walpergen
1677, 1686, 1695: Acquisitions from Bernard, Junius, and Hyde
1693-1706: The first three Specimens and the status quo
1703-1733: Type-founder Andrews
1733-1780: Type from Caslon
1758-1761: The acquisition of Baskerville’s Greeks
1758-1786: The later Specimens
Type-founding timeline
John Hall’s type estimates
Sylvester Andrews’s last bill
Type delivered to the Press from Caslon
Quantifying Caslon’s supply of type to the Press
The question of height-to-paper
The price of type

The volume will contain sixteen photographs of contemporary documents and five photographs of ancient punches and matrices. The  de luxe edition will additionally contain a collection of sample pages of books from each decade of the period concerned.

The book will make about 170 pages and the page size will be 276 mm by 216 mm, the same size as all our previous titles on Oxford University Press. The text will be set in 12pt Monotype Van Dijck and 260 copies printed on 148gsm Mohawk Superfine paper. The end-papers will also be Mohawk Superfine.

BINDING A: Fifty de luxe copies quarter-bound in dark brown leather with a paper specially marbled by Jemma Lewis on the boards. The additional volume will be printed on an antique Rives BFK mould-made paper and case-bound in full brown cloth. The two volumes will be presented in a cloth-covered slip-case also in brown cloth. £320 (€460, US$500)).

BINDING B: The standard copies will be case-bound in brown cloth, with a printed dust-jacket of gold Hahnemühle Bugra Bütten. £125 (€190, US$200). Ten copies will be reserved in sheets for binders. £60 (€95, US$110).

(All the above details and prices are subject to change before publication.)

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